Achieve Balance ~ Achieve Prosperity

If you read my last blog post, you know that I’ve just moved with my husband and 3 year old son from San Francisco, CA to Austin, TX.  It was a move that we’d talked about for years, but it was hard to leave the beauty of the bay area and our amazing friends.  What was missing in our life there, however, was family.  Sure, we had friends so close they felt like family, but BOTH my husband and I have incredibly amazing relationships with our families and it was really hard not to be around them.

Basically, I am a person who strives to attain balance in all areas of my life.  I think true prosperity is not possible any other way.  I think it is an all-too common path for people to get so attached to attaining financial prosperity that everything else gets so out of whack that life is anything but the fulfillment they’d imagined.

Of course the financial element IS important, but there is SO much more to this wonderfully delicious world we live in, that to not engage and play full out is the greatest tragedy!

So how do we go about living a fulfilled, inspired and truly prosperous life?

As I said, I think it boils down to actively seeking, achieving and maintaining balance in all aspects of life.  Take a moment, and really consider how you are doing in each of the following areas:

1. Mental/ Personal Mastery ~ books, inspiration, confidence building, engaging in stimulating conversations

2. Physical Health ~ eating well, daily movement, challenging your body every day, intimacy, companionship

3. Family ~ strengthening, clarifying, enhancing

4. Friendship ~ developing, deepening, balancing

5. Community ~ A life well lived is a life dedicated to serving the greater good.  Community is about shifting from a mindset of “the community for myself” to “myself for the community”.  It’s about contribution ~ about giving without expectation ~ because you trust that what goes around comes around!

6. Recreation ~ hobbies, creativity, rest and relaxation, travel and other joyful pursuits, all with NO guilt!!!

7. Home Environment ~ keeping your home clean and clutter free, inviting and set up in a way that promotes serenity rather than stress.

8. Career ~ committing your life to Excellence, ever increasing accomplishment, skill & mastery, and continually raising the bar

9.  Spirituality ~ a strong spiritual practice, however that looks to you, has to be the foundation from which all of your actions stem from. Practice forgiveness, gratitude, obedience & benevolence.

10. Financial ~ the more value you offer, the greater will be your reward ~ it is important to keep in mind that health, relationships, spirituality all must come first to achieve true prosperity!

There’s a great tool to analyze how balanced you actually are in each of these areas, called the Balance Wheel, or Circle of Life. There are many variations, in fact I wrote a post about a year ago with a pared down version, called The Importance of Balance for Truly Radiant Health, and you can go there to read more about the power of this tool and the exact steps in the process.  For today’s post, I wanted to break it down into more focused categories so you can really see where the imbalances are and where to really focus your energy.

For me, the imbalance in my “family” spoke was so significant that the decision to move before I welcome baby #2 into our life in early July was crystal clear.  I know that to truly live life to the fullest, it requires making the big decisions and taking the big actions to bring life into ever-increasing balance.  This requires expanding beyond the reaches of your comfort zone each and every day, reaching past any perceived limits you think you may have, and committing to making daily, conscious choices to be, do and ultimately have everything you dream and deserve.  Because you DO deserve it all! 🙂

Please use the buttons at the top to share with your communities on the various social sites, and if you’d like, leave a comment below sharing what area you feel most out of balance in, and one thing you could do to take immediate action toward improving it.

Yours in Balance,

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  1. If spirituality is the part that you feel you desire the most imporovement, then the best way to achieve that is to find one thing you can do that would be a step in that direction…and take that step! 🙂 Perhaps that is yoga or meditation for you, or spiritual texts, or seeking out a group that aligns with your beliefs. And after even just a few steps, you will indeed find life more stable and meaningful. Best of luck to you, and thanks for visiting, Henderson!


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