Be-Do-Have ~ The True Path to Personal Mastery

Are you BEING the person you truly want to be?

If you know who it is you truly want to be and you are NOT being that person right now, I invite you to consider that there is an essential life principle that you likely have backwards.

From an early age, most of us are led to believe that it is after we HAVE (confidence, time, money, love), that we will be able to DO the thing (lose the weight, have fun with the kids, build a thriving business, invest in a relationship), which will allow us to BE (happy, available parents, successful leaders, great lovers).

Do you want to be  healthier, wealthier or more inspired than you are right now?

Do you want to be more balanced, charismatic or fulfilled?

Whatever it may be for you, what I know from my personal experience is that we will never BE the person we want to be if we wait to HAVE what we want first.

If you happen to have read my story, you know that I had incredibly strong models of successful and passionate living growing up.  Despite all my years of training and mentorship, I had a story in my head that went something like this ~ “Well, I’ll never be as successful in network marketing as my parents were, so why bother.”

When I tell people who know me today that part of my story, I get a lot of shocked reactions, because today there’s no trace of it….because I did the work to conquer it!    For anyone reading who has let a story you’ve created in your mind hold you back from a dream or define you in any less than ideal terms, you can relate.    I was convinced that I had to Have a degree in analyzing business ventures like my dad or had to Have the natural confidence and charisma of my mom, and I was quite certain that I didn’t have either!

Then, several years back, as I was re-listening to a training tape my parents made on the Be-Do-Have Principle, I had a huge “aha” moment.  The BE part of the equation is about Belief! It’s about being able to accomplish anything if only you Believe that you can!    And what really struck me, was that here I was Being a confident, charismatic Personal Trainer, knowing exactly the right moves, alignment and nutrition necessary for my clients to achieve the results they were looking for!

Suddenly I saw myself as confident & charismatic and in charge of my destiny.

I knew that if I could Be all that in one area of my life, I could Be it in any other area as well, as long as I Believed (and then took necessary action of course ~ the Doing!).  Suddenly everything started to feel possible, and I realized that in that moment I had cleared out a huge limiting belief about what I was capable of in my life.  I felt spacious, creative and invigorated!

I’ve never looked back.  At that moment, I realized how much power I had.  We all do, it’s just a matter of creating the space and allowing it to surface.  Today, I know that by Being my parents daughter, that their gifts are infused in me, with a creative twist that makes them UNIQUELY ME!   From that moment on, I got to Be a Leader and Do the things that inspire, educate and empower others, and I wouldn’t Have it any other way! 😉

The bottom line is, if you think something is not possible or is out of your reach, you’re probably not going to invest much energy towards accomplishing it.  Henry Ford said it best, “If you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”   There are some ways of Being that feel easy, and some ways that challenge us at our very core.   In order to replace habits that are no longer serving you, it is necessary to do the work to change your mindset, no matter how scary, uncomfortable or daunting it may seem at the time.

The BE-DO-HAVE Principle is, in my opinion, the best way to explain how the Law of Attraction REALLY works.  It is starting with the BEing (mindset) so that when you DO the actions you will end up with all those things that you initially wanted to HAVE.

So let’s take a look at your action steps:

1.)  Define exactly what is it that you want to HAVE ~ the specific results  (a fit healthy body, a loving relationship, financial freedom)

2. ) Ask yourself what you would BE if you had those things.  The easiest way to do this is by thinking about someone who is already there (your mentor, a guru)

3.) Ask yourself what you would have to DO to have those things.  Create and develop actions aligned with accomplishing those results

4.)  Practice BEING those things immediately!  Make sure to examine your Beliefs to see if there is anything holding you back.   If you want to achieve your desired results, you must create a mindset made of Beliefs that support the truth you want in your future!

5.)  Start DOING those activities that will lead you to your desired result!

6.)  Focus on the Being and Doing and the HAVE will follow!

This is working WITH the power of the universe, not against it.    Finding flow and enjoying this wild ride that is life!

At the end of the day, it’s about making a sincere choice.

Choose to BE happy, and happiness will follow.

Choose to BE a tribe leader, and your tribe will follow.

Choose to be financially free, and freedom will follow.

What’s really cool is that you will find yourself spending more time Doing  things you truly love, because that is what a person would do who was Being everything they wanted to be!

So my invitation to you is, Be generous with yourself.  The Be-Do-Have principle IS the True Path to Personal Mastery.

This is the principle that will, without question, set your dreams, both personally and professionally, in motion.  This is the very core element to living life on purpose and being a person of influence in the world.

I look forward to the sharing the journey with you!

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10 Responses to “Be-Do-Have ~ The True Path to Personal Mastery”

  1. Beth you truly have a great writing skill. I can’t wait to get to watch as you bring this blog to life! Your passion is evident in your writing and you convey many valuable skills. I look forward to working with you now and in the future!
    .-= Kimberly Castleberry´s last blog ..Brand your Emails for Free Using Wisestamp =-.


  2. Beth,
    I really enjoyed your post. I’ve been familiar with the Be, Do, Have principle for quite awhile now. It is a great reminder that this is what we should all strive to do every day. Often, it’s too easy to get caught up in the events of the day and forget the bigger picture of who we are and who we are meant to Be. It’s so simple, yet can be hard. Figure out who you want to Be and Be that. Be the person that you desire to Be. We are after all, human Beings…not human Doings.

    I look forward to future posts from you.


  3. Hi Beth,
    Great chatting tonight…
    I can definitely tell that you
    are an amazing person and bring
    a lot of fun and passion to
    your relationships. I think
    being authentic and transparent
    on the web is a challenge for
    most people to tackle.
    Thanks for the ideas!
    .-= Kary Rogney´s last blog ..Marketing Blind Spots? Does Your Tribe Have Your Back? =-.


  4. Hi Beth,

    Such a great post, I really enjoyed it.
    you definitely have a special talent for writing.
    great principles too.

    to your success
    .-= Jean´s last blog ..Social Media-


  5. Just wanted to say that you’ve some awesome content on your blog. If it’s OK I wants to use some with the information you provided on my website. If I link back to your web site would it be OK to do so?


    bethallen Reply:

    If you’re serious about this, let’s connect on facebook and we can take it from there. I’m glad to hear you are enjoying my content!


  6. Hi Beth,

    thank you so much for your article.

    I appreciate how you tell the story of your own personal challenge and how you overcame it.
    Great tips and suggestions.
    Yes, we need to tell a new story, especially to ourselves first and then to those who support us.
    I aggree with you we need to believe and be it first.

    Thanks again.


  7. This be-do-have principle is really powerful and you explain it all so well! Thank you for your insight!


    bethallen Reply:

    You are most welcome, it is really powerful indeed. Thanks for stopping by!



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