Why I Stopped Counting Calories and Started Counting Colors

When I started out on my health journey 18 years ago, I was a calorie counter. I was a new personal trainer, and thought it was super imporant to know how many calories were in everything. I believed, because it’s what the “experts” all said of course, that if I ate less and exercised more I would reach my ideal weight.

Sounds about right, yes?

The problem was, I was always hungry and always snacking. No matter how much I ate, I never felt satisfied.

IAnd interestingly, I weighed 15 lbs. MORE back then even though I ate WAY less than I do now!

So what’s the catch?

I quit eating processed sugar and over time, I significantly cut back on processed foods. I stopped buying fat free and low fat “food-like” products.

Yep, I started eating (healthy) fat and lost weight! (think avocado, nuts, seeds, healthy oils)

The bottom line is, when I changed my diet from highly-processed to a real, whole food diet, I was finally able to stop counting calories.

My mantra became, Count Colors, Not Calories.

And it worked.

I no longer struggle with how much food I should be eating. I no longer feel hungry and deprived all the time. I feel nourished ~ satisfied ~ whole.

Don’t get me wrong, this didn’t happen overnight. It’s been years of learning, growing and evolving to find what worked for ME. And now as a Holistic Health Coach, I get to help others discover their unique roadmap to feeling fabulous.

Because there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

The secret to looking and feeling your best isn’t a matter of calories in-calories out like is so often preached.

Calories are NOT created equal.

Our bodies respond VERY differently to calories from nutrient-dense foods compared to nutritionally-deplete ones. Healthy, nutrient-dense foods will keep hunger at bay, minimize cravings, stabilize your blood sugar and allow your cells to communicate and your body to thrive.

Nutritionally-deplete foods will have the opposite effect, spiking insulin, intensifying cravings, wreaking hormonal havoc, dulling your body’s ability to feel full and leading to increased hunger and overeating.

So while calories in-calories out may techinically assist with weight loss, the quality of those calories will either create a cascade of destruction or a thriving oasis.  I’ll also add, that toxins are stored in fat cells. So if you keep piling on the toxins, they’ll making losing the fat next to impossible.

I don’t know about you, but I choose a thriving oasis! 😉

Look, I get it. You like the feeling of control you get from tracking your calorie intake. Or the ease of the pop-in-the-microwave ready-made meals. I’ve been there! But can we just push pause for a second, take a look at what’s actually making it’s way in to your body, and re-assess.

If you’re not getting the nutrients your body needs, you’re going to be at war with your body, and it’s going to be a losing battle.

An unfortunate truth.

Let me ask you this….

Do you feel hungry in between meals?

Do you find that your energy crashes and you end up with insatiable cravings and unconscious afternoon or late-night binges?

Or perhaps you feel mentally foggy, constipated, pimply and puffy, and are just sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Do you have weight that won’t budge despite you’re trying every “diet” under the sun?

Well then, it’s high time we take a look at the calories going in (without counting them of course!). 😉

I created a cost-effective way for you to get one-on-one support from me in a fun, supportive environment with others on a similar path as yourself.

My Whole Foods Seasonal Reboot kicks off January 8th, and we’re going to find the exact foods that nourish and fuel you so you can begin to heal your body and thrive.

All of my programs include seasonal recipes that are properly food combined for optimal digestion. And since it’s Winter, this is the season to slow down, go within and reflect. By nourishing the body with natural whole foods, we honor the organs associated with winter in Chinese medicine – the kidneys, adrenal glands, and the bladder.

We are going to get you out of the deprivation mindset. We are going to crowd out the bad stuff by bringing in healthy, nutrient-rich foods that offer life and vitality to your body. This will allow you to finally ditch the cravings, say goodbye to the afternoon slump and release extra weight with ease.

So if you’re ready, c’mon and join other gorgeous souls like yourself in looking and feeling AMAZING in 2015 and beyond!

Get all the deets here: Eat Clean, Live Delicious!

Because you DESERVE to look and feel amazing. And I can help you get there.

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