5 Tips for Creating the Results You Truly Desire!

The bottom line is that if you want to achieve massive success in life you must take massive action!

The choices we make in every moment and the way we manage our days strongly determines the outcomes we get in life, so today I wanted to share my top 5 tips for creating the results in your life that you truly desire.

1. Get out of your comfort zone every single day! Stretch yourself.  Expand your mind.  Reach farther than you think you can…..and in doing so you will reach much more than you ever thought possible!

2. Manage your Time & Energy! Especially as a home-based entrepreneur, this step is critical.  Establish some organization in your life, stay focused, but also take some time to clear your head and recharge.

3.  Commit! This is the most important step.  Commitment ignites action, and actions produce the results!  Get clear about your beliefs and hold to them strongly.  One of the best descriptions of commitment I’ve heard (besides the one I share in my video) is, “persistence with a purpose.”   Commit to yourself, commit to your team or organization, commit to service and commit to delivering world-class value and world-class results.

4. Be Consistent! How much time and effort did you put in to the start of your business?  If you’re passionate and serious about creating financial and time freedom, likely the answer is quite a lot.  A whole lot of effort and energy in to making your dreams a reality.  Do you really want to do that over and over again?  Because I can tell you from experience with growing large teams in the industry, one of a few things will happen if you don’t practice consistency.  You will either give up before you ever see the momentum and be one of the people that says this business doesn’t work, or you will be so exhausted by the energy it takes to start up time and again that you give up.    Momentum is too exciting to miss out on!  Push the pedal down and DO NOT hit the brakes.  Small consistent actions are so much better than large chunks of inconsistent action!

5. Follow-Up! The fortune truly is in the follow up!   Did you know that only 2% of sales are made on the first contact?  As I said in the video, follow up is key, and I will be sure to devote and entire blog post to it in the near future, because this step will make or break your business!  Wow, I feel like I said that for every step!  I guess that’s why these are my top 5 for creating massive results in your life!

I hope these tips have been helpful to you, and if they have, be sure to share them with your teams or followers on the various social media sites and leave comments below on how these strategies have played out in your success!

Cheers to Creating Amazing Results!

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7 Responses to “5 Tips for Creating the Results You Truly Desire!”

  1. Hey Beth:
    Great post and AMAZING tips for results. I agree that taking massive action is necessary to achieve the results we want. Our action needs to be directed and focused otherwise we can end up being very busy, but not accomplishing much. You give folks valuable advice on how to accomplish, rather than “be busy”. Thanks for sharing, keep the great posts coming.


  2. thanks Beth,
    I certainly agree we must take massive steps if we are to accomplish our goals.
    getting out of my comfort zone was a big one for me, and I am still struggling at times,
    thanks for a great post


  3. Beth, you really stated strong points in this write up. My favorite part is time management. Always plan your day ahead as this may help you achieve your targets and could even make you stress free. In my experience, allocating time for your family and yourself is always essential as this motivates and help you work at your best.


  4. Hi Beth, this is a really good article. I especially like your first point about getting out of your comfort zone. This is really important in all aspects of ones life. It will make you feel truly alive. Take a bit of a risk! thanks


  5. I like this blog a lot! I agree with all of the tips mentioned. We are the drivers of our lives. And what we get is a reflection of our efforts.


  6. commitment is the most important factor you have mentioned. You can achieve almost anything you want if you have the commitment.


    bethallen Reply:

    I definitely agree ~ as I say in the post, commitment inspires action, and action produces results! Thanks for stopping by!


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