Day 5: Tribes and Viral Traffic

Network Marketing has always been about building a team but today we have the chance to do more than that.

We can now build a Tribe.

It starts with permission.  An understanding and passion for a common goal, experience, belief or passion.  And through these common interests a tribe forms.  A group of people that want to connect, interact and share with each other.

People need to feel connected to one another.  They love hearing from each other, their leaders and from companies that sell the brands they are passionate about using because it gives them something to share with each other, stories to tell and something to talk about with like- minds.

In our industry this can be extremely powerful!

Before it was every man or woman for themselves, but now through social networking sites we can share in each others efforts for the greater good of everyone.

8 Steps For Joining and Participating in Tribes

1. Locate and join a Tribe that shares the same interests and passions as you.  People that would be interested or have a use for your business or services.

2. Don’t attempt to “market” anything.  If the tribe meets in an online forum, don’t even put your business website on your signature.  You’ll be seen as a spammer and you’ll never truly become a member of the tribe.  Other tribe members and leaders won’t allow it.  Regular marketing in a tribe is a big “no no”.  If the tribe has a “profile page”, it’s okay to list your business and what you do.  The important thing is that the tribe members don’t view you as a someone marketing a product.

3. Make quality contributions to the tribe in areas unrelated to your business (i.e. Start discussions, respond to discussions in a meaningful way, etc.).

4. Make connections with other tribe members.  Find a few tribe members you resonate with and make a conscious effort to connect with them.

5. After you’ve been accepted into the tribe, it will be inevitable that as you’re connecting with tribe members they’ll ask what you do – or what business you’re in.  Only now, is it wise to tell them your business (no sales pitches).  If curious, perhaps they’ll check out your “profile page” and learn it from there.

6. When you see a discussion that’s somewhat relevant to your business – contribute to that discussion with facts (not sales attempts).  Facts about the product/service are needed.  That’s probably why the discussion was started.  NO sales pitches.

7. Eventually, word will get around to other tribe members that you’re in the “whatever” business.  That’s okay, because you’re now an accepted tribe member – not just someone trying to make a sale.

8. At this point, the tribe has accepted you as a member and a few of the members know what you do.  If you’ve been a good tribe member, other tribe members will view you as a “trusted expert” in your business and they’ll be coming to you for recommendations.  Remember, trust is very important, so even at this point it’s not wise to try and make a sale.  Only present the facts.  More often than not, the other tribe members will come to you and choose your product if it meets their needs.

The key is NOT TO MARKET!  Just become an active member of the tribe.  Participate in discussions, give facts and helpful advice but leave the sales pitch out.

Follow those steps and you will become a leader and expert in the tribe in no time.  People will come to you instead of you chasing down new customers.

Tribes = Viral Traffic

Once you become a trusted member of a Tribe by giving away quality information to the members they will WANT to share that with others.

You see this everyday online.  People send emails, tweets, tags, shares on all your favorite sites about things they liked, hated, laughed at, found interesting, compelling or even sad.  The content compels them to pass it on and when they do, you get viral traffic – for free!

But there are a couple of key points to making this work…

1.  You have to have something people want to share!

A sales pitch is not going to work!  Think about what your tribe wants, needs and loves.  Then give them information on how to get it faster, easier, cheaper.

And consider your own sharing habits.  What do you send on to your friends and contacts?  Then adapt that for your own personal content.

2.  You have to have a professional place to share your content from.

Think about this – A friend sends you a message about something he thinks is really important.   You click the link and when the website loads up you see the information is written in plain text on a site that looked like it was designed before Steve Jobs knew what a shift key was.

Chances are good that you will quickly skim over the info or close the page altogether thinking, “It can’t be that important or they would have it put it on a better site”.

That might have been the meaning of life and you would have passed it by because the packaging didn’t grab your attention.

People like to recommend things that look good. Remember, it’s their name and reputation on the line by vouching for your content.

Just like a restaurant!  People won’t send their friends to a place where they got bad service, the food was cold or they had a hair in their main course!  They send their friends to places where they enjoyed themselves and the experience.

That is what your site needs to be as well.

A professional hub or home they can be confident in sending their contacts to.  A place that has exactly what they love to share with others.

Then they need an easy way to send your content off.  If the process is difficult, they won’t bother.  One or 2 clicks is all most people are willing to invest.

So, once you get your Nerve Center set up and you have added some helpful content it’s time to join some tribes!

This is the marketing tribe I am a part of – AND LOVE!

This unique group has been an amazing way to find content to share with my contacts and a fast, easy way for me to get viral traffic from other leaders sharing my content for me.

Building Your Own Tribe

Building a Tribe is kind of like parenting.

Everything you do focuses on feeding, growing and satisfying your tribe members.

You give them what they want and they will in turn give you what you want!

So instead of looking for customers for your business, you seek out products and services for the tribe.

Here are some great tools available to help you build your tribe faster and easier…

Skype.  Create a chat room with your tribe members.  Let them talk to and help each other.  Active participation will keep everyone moving forward and the momentum building as more and more people join the group.  Plus, you don’t need any fancy software and it’s free!

Ning.  You can create a personalized social networking site just for your tribe members.  Each member can create their own profile and participate in forums, chat, video, photo and even blog sharing.  These Ning Communities are really easy to set up and extremely low cost.  (It’s also a great place to find other Ning communities (aka -tribes) to become a member of. )


Final Thoughts

These strategies, techniques, tools and services have turned my career around in this industry in LESS THAN A YEAR, and I truly hope that you memorize and apply them for yourself.

That should mean one thing to you- No matter where you are at, what challenges you face or have faced, you can absolutely achieve your goals and dreams and do it faster than you can imagine!

But one thing is for sure- in order to do that you need to work your tail off!  This won’t come easy and it won’t happen overnight but with some dedicated and concentrated effort it can be done!

All right!  It’s time to take action!

You are the only one who can take this information and start building your You Inc business.

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Always remember…

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Beth Allen


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