Going the Extra Mile

The difference between people who live a life of excellence and those that live a life of mediocrity really lies in one critical distinction, and that is a willingness to always go the extra mile and exceed expectations.

It’s simply not enough to just show up in life.  Yes, showing up is hugely important, (yet sadly there are plenty of folks who don’t even get that part right!), but you have to do much more than that. You’ve got to show up and be extraordinary. After all, ordinary efforts will produce ordinary results!  And do you really want to be ordinary and miss out on all the magic that comes with living an extraordinary life?

I certainly hope not! 😉

To live a life of excellence means that you not only continually grow and improve yourself and your life, but as a result, you create a ripple effect of transformative change with every single life you touch.  And to accomplish this, you must live and die in the spirit of ever-increasing quality, passion, persistence, accountability and trust.

Of course this concept must permeate ALL areas, but for this post I’m going to focus on our professional lives.  Whether you are the owner of a company (particularly if you are the owner of a company!) or a manager, team leader or even a team player, those that achieve long-lasting, sustainable success, freedom and fulfillment do everything humanly possible to continually offer more and better service, increasing value and exceptional performance that exceeds all expectations.

Here are 13 ways to ensure success for your company, clients and colleagues by going the extra mile, as shared by my favorite results coach Gary Ryan Blair in his 100 Day Challenge course:

1.       Have a healthy obsession with customer service

2.       Honor every commitment and exceed every product promise

3.       Keep up with developments in your field

4.       Pay superior attention to the smallest details

5.       Following company rules even when no one is looking

6.       Promote and protect your organization

7.       Maintain a positive, courteous attitude

8.       Voluntarily assist others

9.       Demonstrate passion and enthusiasm

10.   Take on more

11.    Tolerate inconveniences

12.   Loyalty to company mission

13.   Always give more than 100%

While it might not always feel like it, mediocrity IS a choice.

If you ever, even once, operate your business from a place of arrogance or self-service, rather than humility and selflessness, you are choosing mediocrity.

Every single time you show up late, are unprepared, do something half-a**ed, break a promise or compromise your talent, quality or standards in any way shape or form, you are choosing mediocrity.

The truth is, the journey requires quite a bit of blood, sweat and tears, which is precisely why people end up choosing the mediocre, ordinary life.  When things get uncomfortable, or when our hard work and efforts are questioned, people who are not grounded in these guiding principles end up getting defensive, lost in doubt and ultimately sabotaging their own greatness.

The unfortunate reality is that most people will continue to choose mediocrity, whether consciously or unconsciously, despite knowing that there is another option.  This is exactly why a commitment to excellence in everything you do is the ultimate competitive advantage!

You’ve likely heard people, organization, etc. use the term Circle of Excellence.  This is because excellence is not a destination, it is an infinite and repeating cycle (circle) leading you toward ever-higher accomplishments.  When you’ve reached one goal, it frees you to set another, more challenging and often more rewarding goal.

This is why I often talk about the importance of balancing the various areas of our life, because excellence is really a by-product of our body, mind and spirit ALL working harmoniously.  What happens in one area affects all other areas, so it really must be a lifelong pursuit.

To be world class and to live a life of excellence and meaning, we must engage in conscious and quality thoughts, purposeful execution and an unshakable belief and understanding that going the extra mile is truly what makes all the difference.

I invite you to consider where in your life you are choosing mediocrity, and how that is working for you?  If you reach the conclusion that it is in fact NOT serving you, then what steps can you take right now to choose excellence in its place?

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To each of us being extraordinary!

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  1. It’s difficult Beth to break out comfort zone but it is sometimes essential to achieve execllence. Thanks for the inspirational post.
    Pete Goumas´s last blog post ..What Is Mythology


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