Is It Time to Get Your Groove Back?

OK, so I think it’s quite clear that I haven’t exactly been “back”, as I declared I would be in my post, ahem, a year ago?! Wow, not so proud of that. Of course, I’ve had my share of significant events in the past several years, some of which produced the highest of highs, and some of which unfortunately produced the lowest of lows. I’m realistic that my struggles are no different than anyone else’s, but they’re mine, and frankly, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed.

I truly believe we are not given more in life than we can handle. We are given exactly what we need to reach our fullest potential. IF, that is, we do not let our challenges be what define us, but what allow us to dig deep, grow, and realize just how great we can be.

Those who know me know that I choose to see the glass half-full. But in all honesty, I reached a point in my life last year where I was ready to throw in the towel on all that positive thinking business.  From intense fertility struggles and miserable pregnancies (that I don’t dwell on because a.) yay, they happened! and b.) they resulted in two beautiful natural births and two beautiful, amazing children!), to moving across country, buying our first home, buying 2 UPS stores with my husband (with plans of more)…..and oh yes, I can’t forget the life-altering, stop-you-in-your tracks discoveries of cancer and alcoholism that presented themselves in my life. While I am choosing not to discuss the details at this time, I can tell you that each of these discoveries felt apocalyptic in my life. I contemplated falling apart, but somehow, with strength that somehow appeared when I truly felt there was no strength left to muster, I prevailed. Or I suppose I should say, I am prevailing, day by day, moment by moment.

Add to all that some blatant excuses and procrastination, and there you have it. The blog I’d worked so hard to build a strong community and readership has been fizzling into the abyss. At least I know that there will be some great blog posts birthed from all of these life experiences! 😉

So when September 22nd arrived last week, with just 100 days left of 2012, I took some time to reflect back on one of those defining moments in life where I chose to take my life from content and comfortable to passionate and on fire.  In September of 2009, I was ready to kick myself into massive action, and revitalize that feeling that I know can only come from stretching beyond my perceived limits.  While I definitely had enjoyed slowing my business down a bit so that I could be a present mama for my baby, he was then 2 and starting Montessori, which gave me some room to think about ME again.

And for any of you stay/work at home moms or dads out there, I’m sure you can relate when I say that I was craving some mental stimulation! Life was good, but my business and fitness were far from where I wanted them to be.

It was time for a system re-boot.

And serendipity led me to the beautiful, amazing, 100 Day Challenge.

Without question, I accomplished at least 10 times what I would have without this program. It truly rocked my world.

So as I was sitting in reflection last week, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I needed to revisit the 100 Day Challenge. I have goals for my blog, my business, my fitness, my family, my home….and somehow, despite my lifetime of personal development work, I can admit that I’ve lost my groove, so to speak.

Well it’s time to get my groove back, baby! 🙂

And I’d LOVE you to join me.

IF, that is, you’re ready to….

Pay off that debt,

Shed those pounds,

Explode your business performance,

Release negativity,

Regain balance,

Or turn whatever it is that isn’t working in your life into something that is……

then this amazing program is for you.

Led by my friend, Gary Ryan Blair, also known as The Goals Guy, this program will get you to the place you want to go in life.

And I don’t say that lightly.

So let me ask you, are you waiting for Someday?

Because Someday Has Arrived.


So will you join me? You have until Friday, September 28th to sign up!

The 100 Day Challenge can symbolize the time in your life when you decided to take control of your destiny.

If you want to get things done that you’ve been putting off out of fear, laziness, scarcity or simply because you have “no time”, and you want to create massive results quickly, then this is the program that will have you finishing the year with a bang.

I certainly know I’m ready for this, and my mind is already swirling with ideas!

My Connect with Me buttons are at the top of this page on the right, and I’d love to hear about what opens up for you along the way, should you decide to rock the rest of your year with me.

I’m gettin’ my groove back already, and it feels fabulous!

Thanks for those of you who have found your way back here, and those of you who are just visiting for the first time. I appreciate our relationship as it was, as it is, and as it will be moving in to this new chapter of my life, and yours.

In Love and Gratitude,



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3 Responses to “Is It Time to Get Your Groove Back?”

  1. Hey Beth…glad you’re getting your groove back!

    Life is interesting. It throws us curve after curveball when we lest expect it. And, like you, I’ve had my share of “Really? Again?…I’m still dealing with the last thing you threw at me…”

    Life can be overwhelming. It can break us down and lead us to think, Is it worth it? Maybe I should just throw in the towel. Other times it leads us in a direction we thought we’d never go and to a place we never even considered.

    I guess the things I’ve learned from all of my experiences is… Life Happens! (go figure 🙂 ) Somehow, it takes us where we need to be in a round about way and in the end it turns out to be All Good! The amount of time it takes is the amount of time it takes, there’s no set limit. Eventually we learn and grow from it.

    I know you and I know your passion. I’m glad you’re coming back into the sun light! Welcome back my friend!


    bethallen Reply:

    Thanks so much, Don!

    Yes, life does happen, doesn’t it?! 😉 And I agree that it turns out all good….IF you have the mindset that it will! And it’s our mindset that will determine the speed we get there, right? I kind of feel like I lost my ‘mind’set for a bit there, but am definitely happy to be coming back into the sun light, as you said. Feels good! 🙂



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