Network Marketing is a Booming Profession!

Isn’t it time for network marketing to get the respect that it deserves?

Isn’t it time for network marketing to be regarded as the brilliant business model that it is?  That being a business that truly embodies the core values of relationships, service, community, abundance, potential and true leadership?

Look, I’m as sick and tired of the increasing numbers of scams and businesses built on a house of cards as you are (maybe more!), but if someone led you down the primrose path telling you that you could make wild amounts of money with little effort, and you believed them, DO NOT let that be a reason for you to go around saying that you tried it and “it” doesn’t work or that the industry is a scam.  The industry didn’t fail….either a particular company failed you or YOU failed, right?  So tell it like it is!

Let’s take a look at why people really fail in Network Marketing:

If you do not do your due diligence and learn how to properly evaluate and choose a company with all the essential elements of a high-potential business venture, you will either fail quickly or be blind-sided down the road.   I’m not saying it’s easy to find a great company, heck, I bet for every 1 great company there are a thousand others that range from mediocre to downright scammy!  What I am saying though, is that it IS possible to find a great company.

The truth is, there are tons of great products and services available in the network marketing industry.  But considering that there are only around 10 companies that have reached $1 billion and beyond, doesn’t it make sense that maybe 1 venture out of 100 even warrants a second look?    With a 95% industry failure rate in the 1st 3-5 years, is your family’s future worth that risk?

It also could be that you had unrealistic expectations.  This industry has a tendency to attract opportunity seekers who are looking for something for nothing.  This is a profession, and when you treat it as such, you will be rewarded far greater than other professions out there.  The bottom line is, you have to hustle…you have to WORK YOUR FACE OFF (if you have not read Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk yet, go grab a copy now, you will be thrilled you did!)

Or perhaps you were consumed by fear & scarcity instead of faith & abundance.  The simple truth is that fear & faith cannot occupy the same space at the same time. You must CHOOSE (but the cool thing is, the choice is YOURS!).  😉

Maybe you were just too focused on promoting your business as the be all and end all (which I’m sure it is by the way!), BUT to truly succeed in the bustling network marketing arena of today, you need to be promoting YOU!

So who is it that succeeds in Network Marketing?

Well for starters, it takes commitment, unwavering belief & perseverance.  It takes a fire inside that CANNOT be extinguished no matter what, a fire that leads to consistent, inspired action.

It takes surrounding yourself with the right people!  This truly will make ALL the difference in the world!   First, make sure you are part of a team of movers and shakers in your company.  If you happen to be in a company you love but your upline is not supporting you, call upline until you find someone who will!    If you are not yet with a company, take the reigns and interview the team you will be joining to make sure they are the right people to take you where you want to go!

Second, find a Tribe!   This is about being part of a mastermind alliance, which is in essence a community of like-minded entrepreneurs that can collectively move you forward much faster than you could do on your own.  Having a tribe will inspire you to be more, give more, grow more and receive more!  Oh, and of course have a ton of fun along the way!

Finally, successful network marketers choose faith, not fear!   They get that it is their influence and posture that creates the culture of their team.  Because they are producers, they attract producers.   Like-attracts like, right?  If you are bringing people on to your team who “need” the business, you will attract “needy” people.  Bring people on to your team who are relentless in their pursuit of excellence & growth and I promise, your team will be unstoppable!

Failure or Success, the Choice is Yours!

Look, if you are truly looking for prosperity & abundance  in life, the bottom line is that success in ANY venture requires hard work.  Ask any sharp entrepreneur with vision, and they will passionately tell you there is more opportunity now than ever before.  No, it’s not always easy, but it IS rewarding beyond measure. It’s when we move beyond our judgments of failure and success that we can see that our results are just set up as markers of our effectiveness in communicating a message.  So we fine tune, we commit to personal-development and study, and we keep moving forward. We DO NOT GIVE UP!

Network Marketing will take you to cooler places, both inside and out, than any other profession I know of.   So if you are serious about building a thriving business, a life-changing business, do your due diligence to find a GREAT company, because they ARE out there!   Find a company that’s proven, has gone through the growth pains but is not saturated, and where you know if you build it there, you’ll be rewarded long-term.

Yes, YOU need to be a great leader, but no matter how great you are, if you do not have all the pieces of the puzzle and they do not fit together just right, you will eventually be let down (not to mention all the people you will let down in the process).

Invest your heart and mind and build it right from the start (or from this point forward).  Create relationships.  Listen.  Mentor.  Lead. Treat it like a business (because that’s what it is!), not a hobby, and your life will be forever transformed, both personally and professionally.

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56 Responses to “Network Marketing is a Booming Profession!”

  1. So glad you found this post refreshing, Perry ~ I believe there is no other way to tell it than like it is! 😉


  2. This is what exactly what I am looking for about network marketing. You have wonderful insights Beth. I love your explanation about being a part of mastermind alliance. Brilliant!


    bethallen Reply:

    So glad I could help, Derek. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Hello there Beth!

    I am wondering if network marketing can also be used as a brilliant business model for other type of business such as legal business/enterprise to attract clients. You have an insightful post on network marketing. Informative! Keep up the good work.

    T. Charles


    bethallen Reply:

    Hmmm, I’m not entirely sure I get where you’re going with this, T. Charles? Network marketing is a specific business model and an enterprise taking on such a model dramatically changes the way they do business ~ from large scale advertising to word of mouth for example. Obviously both “networking” ~ getting out in person and connecting with your target audience, and “marketing” ~ using the right channels to promote your product/ service, are both essential models for attracting clients, but as I said, network marketing is a model in and of itself. I’d be happy to chat with you more anytime ~ you can find me on facebook. 🙂


  4. I agree with you. All points you stated are important but what really struck me is looking for the right company. I think that’s the main reason why networking succeed. Choosing the right company means that your working with the right people with the same commitment and goals of the company which would eventually lead to success.


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