Part 1: Align Your Goals with Your Passions and Set Your Life on Fire!

After reading many books and taking many courses on goal setting, there are a few particular methods that have been pivotal to my success.  I believe these methods can make a HUGE impact on the power and effectiveness of the goal setting and achievement process, and so I’m excited to share them with you in this 3 part series.

So let’s dive in and talk about one of my favorite topics, PASSIONS!

The Book That Changed Everything

A while back I was introduced to a book called The Passion Test, by Janet & Chris Attwood, and it changed everything.   I can say with certainty that getting crystal clear on my passions was one of the most enlightening, refreshing and grounding experiences of my life.

Well, actually I wasn’t introduced to the book first, I was introduced to the concept by a fabulous coach I worked with, Sasha Sabbath, The Entrepreneur’s Life Purpose Soul Coach (  If you visit Sasha’s site, she has a program specific to the Passion Test which looks fabulous, but the program I learned about it through was her month long Laser 10 Minute Daily Program.  You can read my testimonial there….suffice to say she blew my mind and ignited a fire back in to my business and life at just the right time!

The Passion Test method brought a strong clarity to my actions, and allowed me let go of any tension I held around whether a choice I was making was right for me or not.  My life started flowing and what previously felt like SO much effort suddenly felt easy and natural.

Let’s first make sure we’re clear on the difference between a goal and a passion.

A goal is something you aim to achieve.

A passion is how you choose to live your life.

It is when your passions are clear that you can then create goals that are aligned with those passions, and start living the life you desire!

You can start living the life that truly fulfills you and puts meaning in to ALL of your actions.

The Passion Test

The process in a nutshell is this:

1.)  Write a list of 15-20 ways you’d be living in your ideal life.  Begin each passion with a verb, and play full out!  Avoid combining passions.

2.)  Compare item 1 and 2, and decide which one is most important to you.  Avoid saying they are both equal….lack of clarity will not serve you in living your best life.  Go deeper ~ usually your first impulse, as passions arise from the heart and are likely closer to the truth than anything your mind might tell you.

3.)  Once selected, continue the process, comparing just 2 at a time, until you have discovered your top 5 passions.  Do not just scan and try to rush the process, it is quite powerful to see what unfolds when this process is done properly!

4.)  Next go through your top 5 passions and score them 0-10, 0 being you are not living that passion at all and 10 being you are living it fully.  This establishes a baseline, so you know where you need to put some attention and how things are likely going in your life.

What’s Next?

Whenever you are faced with a choice, opportunity or decision, if you always choose in favor of your passions, your ideal life will unfold before you with clarity and ease like you never imagined possible before!

Keep in mind that this was meant as a very quick overview to help prepare you for  your goal setting process, and hopefully excite you about the possibility of setting goals that are FUN and that truly inspire you to action.

The process continues with some more very cool exercises that take you much deeper in creating  the richest vision for each passion, and the book also talks about success habits, facing fears, busting through bad habits and all sorts of other really juicy stuff, so I highly recommend you read the book and take the steps to living your most passionate and purposeful life!

I have found this process to be one of the most powerful processes for creating goals that I not only achieve, but enjoy and find extremely rewarding both in the process and with the end result.

Pretty powerful stuff!

Continue on to Part 2:  Strategic Planning for Massive Results!

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9 Responses to “Part 1: Align Your Goals with Your Passions and Set Your Life on Fire!”

  1. For a very quick overview this was jammed packed with words I needed to hear, thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. Wow Beth this is great! I haven’t read this book but it looks great! I appreciate your going through the steps here – I know there are many people that haven’t determined their passion yet, and are continuing to survive doing what they are doing day in and day out. Following what you love makes all the difference in the world! Thanks and looking forward to parts 2 & 3!


  3. Your writings are very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas in life.


    bethallen Reply:

    I appreciate that, thanks Edward! 🙂


  4. Successful mindset creates success. I like the way you think.


    bethallen Reply:

    Absolutely. Thanks Chris! 🙂


  5. Nice blog. By aligning our goals with our passion, we will find ourselves more motivated, more satisfied, and more willing to commit to working towards our goals.


    bethallen Reply:

    Indeed we do! And thanks so much. 🙂



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