Part 2: Strategic Planning for Massive Results in 2010!

I started a series of blog posts on the most powerful tools I’ve found for effective, results-oriented goal setting.   Part 1 was all about identifying your deepest passions, a process that allows you to set goals that excite and inspire you, and are therefore more likely to propel you to action.

Notice I said “more likely” to propel you to action!

No matter how deep your passions or strong your intentions, at the end of the day it is not the goal that fails, it’s your implementation and execution of the goal that fails!

OK, so we have our top 5 passions.  How do we create goals that are aligned with our passions AND that create the results we desire?

First I think it’s important to understand why so many people struggle with taking action on goals.

From my experiencing both with life in general and with leading a team of home-based entrepreneurs, I see three main reasons people fail to execute their goals.

  1. Fear
  2. Bad Habits
  3. Lack of a Strategic Action Plan

For the purpose of this post, I want to focus primarily on number 3, because I think if fear or bad habits are issues, dealing with them can and should be worked in to the Strategic Action Plan.

I think two things happen when you set goals that don’t get achieved.  One happens when you set a super lofty goal.  As you take the first few steps and then look at the loooong journey ahead, you end up justifying that it is either too daunting or possibly even unattainable.

The other thing I see happen is when you hit a roadblock, possibly more than once, and end up throwing in the towel in utter frustration.

So how do you turn what seems like a frustrating or unattainable task (but that you’ve established needs to be accomplished for your ultimate freedom and fulfillment) in to one that passionately fuels your endeavors so that it actually gets implemented and executed?

It’s Essential to Have A Strategic Action Plan:

Step 1: Write down your SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Time Bound.  Write each goal as if it has already happened, including the specific date.  If you are someone who has already been writing your goals down, congratulations, you are among an elite group!  But here’s the thing that is most often missed…..this is only the beginning of the process!!!

Step 2: From there, you need 3 reasons WHY you want to achieve each goal.  This is where your passions come in to play!  The more these reasons connect to your highest passions, the greater your chances of success!

Step 3: Finally, you need 5 specific ACTIONS for each goal, and the target dates for achieving them.  This final step is where the rubber meets the road!

The passionate Why’s will be the fuel for your fire when you come up against obstacles and setbacks (which WILL happen), and breaking down the goal into 5 Action-oriented sub-goals takes the goal from daunting to do-able!

This process adds a significant level of clarity and dimension to your goals, and from there, it is UP TO YOU to do the work!

That last message is REALLY important….it is UP TO YOU to do the work!

The “work” entails a lot of discernment on your part between the “busy” work and the “productive” work.  Also, as I mentioned earlier, there are the issues of dealing with fears and replacing old habits with new successful habits, so I’ll be discussing these topics in upcoming blog posts.

But these are some really great first steps if what you’ve been doing hasn’t been serving your greater vision of success and fulfillment.

So here’s to your success in achieving your goals in 2010!

Continue on to Part 3:  The Value of Vision Boards for Rapid Goal Achievement

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6 Responses to “Part 2: Strategic Planning for Massive Results in 2010!”

  1. Strategic Goal Setting! I better copy this post into a Robin’s workbook! Breaking goals down in such a perfect outline would definitely make a big difference for me 🙂


  2. Beth, what a great post. Knowing your reasons why you want a goal is critical. If you do not have enough leverage moving towards and moving away from…your goal is not a goal…It’s a wish.

    I learned to write your 10 goals down everyday from Brian Tracy. This takes discipline, but it works.

    Thanks again for such valuable reminders
    .-= Nick Logan´s last blog ..Critical Success Factors with Meditation Techniques? =-.


  3. Excellent article, I like your idea on how to take on our goals. Sometimes our plans are correct but we do not get to our goals because of our execution of that plan, you’d need timing and the right opportunity to be able to get best result that you can get.


    bethallen Reply:

    Thanks Dennis. The magic is in the execution, absolutely! 🙂


  4. You couldn’t be more right. Goal setting is very basic. There is no way we can say that we have succeeded in something if we have no goals to assess our accomplishments against. It is also very important that the goals be specific and measurable. Everything emanates from there. If we don’t have goals, nothing will propel us to achieving anything. If we don’t have goals, we wouldn’t know if we have succeeded or not. I wonder if man really goes through the day without a goal to begin his day with… or is it possible to have some “default” goals that we aim for without necessarily expressing them…

    Pamela Jimenez of



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