The Pain of Discipline or the Pain of Regret …. The Choice is Yours!

Are you doing everything you can with all those amazing talents and gifts of yours?  Do you even know how extraordinary you are?   I hope so!

Well, if for some reason you do not realize how much you rock 😉 , you might want to head back to Part 1 and 2 of this 5 part series covering Jim Rohn’s book, The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle.  In these first 2 sections, I covered how what we think, our personal philosophy, and what we feel, our attitude, will either move us forward in our pursuit of the good life OR will stop us dead in our tracks.

“But a growing awareness and a positive attitude are not enough in and of themselves.  What we know and how we feel merely determine our potential for achievement.  Whether we actually achieve our goals is ultimately determined by our activity.

And this is what leads us to Part 3 of this series, the critical role of ACTIVITY!  No matter how well-balanced your philosophy or positive your attitude, without putting these valuable assets to work, they are a waste!  Without action, the best of characters will be laden with excuse after excuse and will not reach the freedom and fulfillment they desire.

Jim Rohn makes an interesting point about achieving our desired results by taking action.  Think about it, why is it that so many “good people” in life are poor and struggling while at the same time there are “bad people” out there fully enjoying the good life?  I mean, if our desire to succeed is as strong as theirs, and we have the added virtue of philosophical refinement and emotional sophistication, how in the world are we not doing better than they are?

Well, the answer is quite simple actually.  The drug dealers and mobsters of the world are learning everything they can about their industry and market, staying up late devising new plans that will take them one step closer to their dreams and then working day in and day out to make those dreams a reality!  Are you?

Again, I hope so (not the drug dealer/ mobster part) 😉 !

OK, OK, you’re probably thinking the same thing I did ~ that this example is comparing apples to oranges!  Not fair!  Hmmm….fair.   What an interesting discussion fairness is!  In reality, we live in a world where people are rewarded based on what they deserve, not what they need. Fair or not, if you have a dream but are doing nothing about it, well, what in the world do you expect?!   So putting ethics aside, the drug dealers and mobsters possess the commitment, consistency and intensity that truthfully would put many people to shame!

“Imagine how different our world would be if we made a commitment right now to put in to action all that we currently are, wherever we currently are, and with whatever we currently have.  What if we all gave 100 percent to our jobs, our families and our communities? ….. What a difference we could make!  In no time at all we would have evil on the run and good would be rushing in to recapture its rightful place.  What a life we could then share with our families – a life filled with challenge, excitement and achievement.  And what an inheritance we could leave to the next generation – a wealth of virtue, integrity and substance with which to build a whole new world – and all because we care enough to do something with our lives and to put our skills and talents to work.”

Hallelujah!  This is what today’s message is all about.  We all say that we want to succeed, but sooner or later, our level of activity must match our level of intent!  Are you just talking the talk, or are you really walking the walk?

Dream big dreams, but don’t stop there!  It is when you turn those dreams into energy that magic happens!  To achieve massive results in life, both professionally and personally, it is essential to take everything you know and everything you feel, and combine it with a desire to have more and be more than you currently are!

“We will all experience one pain or the other – the pain of discipline or the pain of regret – but the difference is that the pain of discipline weighs only ounces while the pain of regret weighs tons.”

Are you carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, or is the world carrying you?  Every single day, you can make a new choice.  Repetition can be your savior or your sword.  Over time, neglect will lead to more neglect and discipline will lead to more discipline.  The choices we make will either build our self-worth or tear it down.  The choice is yours, and yours alone to make!

“Sooner or later we must stop blaming the government, the pay schedule, the banks, the taxes, our neighbors, the boss, company policy, high prices, our co-workers, our past, our parents, the traffic or the weather for our failure to capture our share of the joy that comes from progress.  Once we come to understand how we really got to be where and how we are – that the subtleties of our repeated and accumulated errors are responsible – then the embarrassment of that final truth and our willingness to admit it will start the process of going from pennies to fortune.”

It is important to keep in mind that the action and activity we invest ourselves in needs to be deliberate and planned.  We cannot take action haphazardly if we desire the good life….and it is critical that we don’t mistake movement for achievement.  There is a big difference!  Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how insignificant the activity may seem, because it is often in the most obscure moments that greatness is birthed.  True success begins when we master the small details, when we simply won’t stand to let the little things slide!

What you can do IS truly remarkable and magnificent.

“People can do the most amazing things, once they have made the decision to tackle the disciplines that lead to a new philosophy, a new attitude and a new intense level of activity.   What people will do, however, is sometimes disappointing.  Any day we choose we can walk away from wherever we are regardless of the circumstances.  ‘Apple by apple,’ one page at a time, one paragraph at a time, one new discipline at a time, we can begin the process of amending our activity to such a degree that today can become the starting point of a whole new life.”

It all comes down to you….going to work on the fundamentals….and believing that the impossible really is possible!  “It is better to aim at the moon and strike an eagle that to aim at the eagle and strike a rock.”

Aim High.  Breathe deeper.  Stretch yourself farther than you knew was possible each and every day.  Act with fierce passion and unrelenting focus, and anything you can dream will be yours!  I hope you have enjoyed another week of wisdom from Jim Rohn, including many of the brilliant quotes he has blessed us with.  Stop back next week for a discussion on the fruits of all this labor, our RESULTS!

Yours In Success,

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55 Responses to “The Pain of Discipline or the Pain of Regret …. The Choice is Yours!”

  1. Wonderful post Beth, I’ve learned a lot, now it’s up to me to choose what’s best. Thanks


  2. You open up my eyes on this one. Many thanks, you’re a good motivator in terms of writing.


    bethallen Reply:

    Thanks Edward, I appreciate that!


  3. The pain of discipline is the best choice for me. You really have an inspiring articles on your site Beth. Thanks for sharing those wonderful thoughts and ideas.
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    bethallen Reply:

    Thanks so much. Great choice! 🙂 And thanks for stopping by.


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