The Power Living Pledge

I just graduated a couple of weeks ago from a truly extraordinary year long program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and am now a Certified Holistic Health Coach.  IIN is the cutting-edge leader in holistic nutrition education, and the largest nutrition school in the world.  Through IIN, I studied all the dietary theories from Eastern to Western, ancient to modern, traditional to innovative ~ learning to integrate traditional nutrition philosophies with the most current health concepts.

We learned from the nation’s leading health and wellness authorities, including Andrew Weil MD, Barry Sears PhD, Mark Hyman MD, David Wolfe,  and Deepak Chopra MD to name just a few.  I really love that the school teaches bio-individuality, which takes in to account that one person’s food is another person’s poison.  There is no one “right” way of eating, so my job as a health counselor is to work with individuals by guiding them to discover the healthiest food and lifestyle choices for them.

What I love most is that IIN bridges the gap between nutrition and personal growth by teaching a concept called Primary Food. Healthy relationships, regular physical activity, fulfilling careers and a spiritual practice all nourish our souls and satisfy our hunger for living. With this in mind, the food we eat becomes Secondary.  Because while the food we eat plays a critical role in our health and happiness, food can fill us, but it cannot fulfill us!

Throughout the entire school year, I felt my core values and beliefs were re-affirmed time and again, and it was the most rewarding experience.  In my last blog post I shared a great tool called Think Right Now that I find to be an amazingly effective combination of affirmations, meditation and psychotherapy all rolled in to one 30 minute a day at-home practice.

So knowing I’m a huge fan of affirmations, it felt natural to share the incredibly powerful and purposeful affirmation that I was left with in my final week at IIN.  Our guest lecturer was a very accomplished and inspiring woman, Terri Kennedy PhD, and when she read this affirmation, or pledge, it resonated with every cell of my being.

I immediately ordered her book, The Power Living Pledge, and as I read it I felt like I was reading my personal mission statement for how I choose to live my life, and what I hope to inspire in others!  Her “Power Living” Practice is a systematic approach to becoming conscious and living from self-awareness and self-control.

And this is what I blog about ~ making Conscious Choices so that we can truly live and experience life to the fullest! Kennedy says that the ultimate goal of Power Living is to get in the habit of consciousness and action …. and I couldn’t agree more! 🙂

“Power Living is being spiritually connected, mentally focused, physically energized, emotionally engaged, and environmentally supported.  It is a way of being that allows life to flow.  It is committing your energy to what you care about on a day-to-day basis.”

The practice is guided by Five Principles, each of which represents the five dimensions, which are all inter-related:

1. Live on Purpose (spiritual)

2. Tune your Mind to the Positive (mental)

3. Honor Your Body (physical)

4. Be a Humble Warrior (emotional)

5. Sanctify your Surroundings (environmental)

The bottom line is, if you are NOT currently living a powerful and purposeful life, it is because you are blocking the flow of energy along one or more of these dimensions.

Kennedy shares that Power Living is about knowing who you are and what you value, and then organizing your life around it ~ from what and when you eat, what you do for work, the relationships you choose to surround yourself with, to how you communicate with yourself and others.

It’s about living on Purpose, not just with Purpose.

With this in mind, I want to now share with you The Power Living Pledge.  I have been reading it every morning and evening (it seriously takes 30 seconds of your time!), as a promise to my Self to live a powerful and purposeful life each and every day.  As I mentioned, this pledge felt like the epitome of what I’m all about and what my work as a Holistic Health Counselor is all about, and so I’m excited to share that with you!  🙂 You can learn more about my practice at my new website, Conscious Choices Wellness.


The Power Living Pledge

I live on Purpose every day;

I look to my Creator to show me the way.

I choose thoughts that nurture my mind;

I eliminate views that are negative and unkind.

I honor my body as the temple of my soul;

I choose foods that are nourishing and whole.

I serve my Self, and others with Love;

showing gratitude to my Source above.

I seek order, simplicity and peace,

creating space for my blessings to increase.

I choose wisely in all I do, prioritizing

my energy to live authentically and true.

I pursue every task with conviction;

I view unconscious inaction as an affliction.

I am fully Present, living as if,

this is the last day for me to enjoy my Gift.

I take time to Pause and Play,

giving balance and joy no delay.

I live these power-filled principles every day;

I do my best to get out of the way!

Purposeful and Powerful, indeed! 🙂

Kennedy continues the book by explaining each of the 10 affirmation statements in the pledge through discussions on Clarity, Focus, Energy, Gratitude, Simplicity, Choice, Action, Presence, Balance and Faith, and offers questions for journaling so you can fully sink in to your true Purpose and Self.

It is a short and sweet read, yet so perfect that I’ve incorporated this in to my gift package for my clients.  It was such a wonderful way to complete my school year ~ the greatest affirmation of my mission and vision in life.   I hope you enjoyed it, and if you feel that your friends and followers would enjoy it, you can use the social sharing buttons at the top of the post to pass it along.

With Purpose,

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74 Responses to “The Power Living Pledge”

  1. Yes, the saying it out loud regularly is an incredibly powerful part of the process. I’m really having fun with that each day….definitely feel my vibration rising every single time. And I just want to say….thank you Sigal! You are pure sweetness and I appreciate your words very much. 🙂


  2. Thank you, Nicole! I would love to have a conversation with you about this some time. Frequencies were not an area that we studied in particular, although we definitely studied the inter-connectedness of all the areas of our life, and I completely agree that true healing on any level cannot occur without addressing all areas. Yes, everything is energy and vibrating at a certain frequency, and knowing how to tap in to that energy is essential to create shifts in our health and life. Thanks for sharing a bit about it ~ look forward to chatting sometime soon! 🙂


  3. Wow, Beth!! Congratulations on your achievement! You have what it takes to be a wonderful practitioner. A warm and caring heart, and a way of explaining things simply and clearly.

    I love the Power Living Pledge. I have never read the book, but the pledge itself makes me want to read it!

    Willena Flewelling


    bethallen Reply:

    Thanks Willena, your words of encouragement and support and greatly appreciated! 🙂


  4. Congratulations on attaining your Holistic Health Coach certification!! Your commitment to helping people achieve a higher level of health is inspiring!

    I am a book junkie and this book sounds fabulous!! I love the ‘Power Living Pledge’ – it encompasses many of my values as well and I love how it flows.

    Wendy Hewlett´s last blog post ..Create Your Own Landing Tabs for Your Facebook Page


    bethallen Reply:

    Thanks so much, Wendy! The book is short and sweet, but definitely full of power and flow. 🙂 Enjoy!


  5. wow this is real great post thanks for your excellent blog i really appreciated this because its definitely full of of power thank you so much.. hope many people comment this great blog …

    thank you again..!!!!


    bethallen Reply:

    Thanks Aileen, your kind words are greatly appreciated! 🙂


  6. Beth,

    My congrats to you on graduating successfully.

    This is one of the most holistic and all-rounded courses I’ve come across so far.

    And of course, you sure deserve praise for your commitment to continuous growth and development, and I do sense your dynamism in action every time you write a post.

    Yasser Khan´s last blog post ..Don’t Believe A Word You Read In This Post


    bethallen Reply:

    Thanks Yasser! I agree ~ having researched many schools and programs out there, nothing seemed to hold a candle to IIN. I was consistently blown away, and on top of everything, they provide a second year free to all who graduate, called Immersion, where we dive even deeper into the concepts and business building practices. So that just started this week ~ so the fun and learning continue on! 🙂 I really appreciate your kind words.


  7. WOW Beth,

    That shows commitment and engagement into the things you believe and as well your carracter.
    Accomplish a whole year of study in our busy lifes is a great achievement and very cause driven.

    Thx for adding at the end the Pledge… especially the last statement helps a lot to understand to leave the ego behind and accept that we have a much higher power which wants to serve us… Let us get more often out of the way of ourselves and we will reach higher success then thought off..

    Look forward to read soon you next post.

    All the best,

    Alexander Paul´s last blog post ..Business Planning Process With A Lesson From Evan Almighty


    bethallen Reply:

    Thanks so much, Alex! Yes, IIN and the work I plan to do from this education is VERY cause driven indeed. I appreciate your kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed the Pledge ~ and yes, isn’t it always hardest to get out of our own ways?! But when we do, watch out world! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


  8. Hi Beth,

    Congrats for the achievement. I am a book lover. I am interested to read The Power Living Pledge after reading your post. It sounds great. I hope I can enjoy The Pledge.
    Andrew Walker´s last blog post ..Juara Coupon Code


    bethallen Reply:

    Thanks Andrew. Enjoy the pledge, and the book if you pick it up! 🙂


  9. Hi Beth,
    Congrats for the graduation.I have read the Power Living pledge and the self help quotes are really helpful for motivating a person and changing our attitude towards our life.
    Shivam Garg´s last blog post ..BHCosmetics Coupon Codes


    bethallen Reply:

    Thanks Shivam! I’m glad you’ve benefited from the pledge ~ now try reading it every day for 90 days and watch the transformation unfold! 🙂


  10. Beth,

    This was very interesting. I like that you are so educated on the right foods but also I am really impressed how they stress how all this affects the total person not just the physical man. I would have to say that school is very different than any I have heard of. To quote one of my favorite books “Man doesn’t live on bread alone.” And it’s so true our diets are very important but we need to make sure that the total person is being “fed” right as well.

    Steve Shoemaker´s last blog post ..30 Day Update On My Personal Development Plan


    bethallen Reply:

    Thanks Steve! Yes, IIN is different than most approaches to health. A holistic approach includes ALL of us ~ we are not just physical beings, but mental, emotional, spiritual beings as well. So important! Glad you agree. 🙂


  11. This post and book are just what I’m looking for. I recently found your site and I am very impressed with it and with you. You sure have a lot going on in your life and you still find time to personally answer so many of your readers. You are an inspiration!


    bethallen Reply:

    I really appreciate that, Arlie! I do have a full plate, but so do so many…..we all have the same 24 hours in a day and it’s how we choose to engage and apply our valuable time that makes all the difference. For me, engaging with my readers is a huge part of the reason I write ~ blogging is about the conversation! I’m glad you found a book that resonated with you ~ enjoy it, it’s a quick read, but a gem of wisdom! 🙂


  12. My sister has this book, The Power Living Pledge. She told me that it is really an inspiring piece of work and I can’t wait to have my own copy coming after I ordered one for Christmas! Hope it will be a good read!


  13. Hi Beth,
    It’s a beautiful post and the book ‘The power of pledge’ is an awesome book and one should definitely read it.
    Pete Goumas´s last blog post ..PrimalForce Coupon & Review


  14. Very interesting,So at its core the Power Living Pledge is a way to live a full life. I have to read this. Thanks Google and Beth.
    Jeromey@self help robot´s last blog post ..How to Do Meditation: Three Simple Meditation Techniques For Beginners


    bethallen Reply:

    Absolutely, enjoy your read Jeromey!


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