Part 3: The Value of Vision Boards for Rapid Goal Achievement

Over the past 2 blog posts in this series, we’ve created some really exciting and inspiring goals based on our highest passions, and we’ve set ourselves up to win by focusing on the specific reasons why and the specific actions necessary for those really big goals to be achieved.

So this brings us to the final method I want to share that’s benefited my goal achievement in a significant way, and that is daily visualization.   You must keep your passions, intentions, goals and desires at the top of your mind EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Not only is it essential to think, talk, write and dream about them, but you have to imagine each goal as if already completed.  Every single day.

The two ways I have found most success is through affirmations and vision boards.  These are two things I’m extremely passionate, and will definitely talk more about affirmations at a later date, but for today, I want to focus on vision boards.

Vision boards are SO powerful!

I made my first vision board in 2006, and my family has turned it in to a tradition for the week before New Years.  I actually keep it on my mind throughout the year, setting aside magazines whenever the words, pictures or concepts resonate with my passion and purpose, and feel like they might be a good fit for the following year.

The creation process is always so much FUN, and now that I have my first child, it feels really amazing to know we’ve got something this powerful established for our family to participate in, and experience the benefits from, together.   OK, I’ll admit that my husband rolled his eyes the first year I asked him to do this, but now he is fully on board and excited by the tradition and example we’re creating for our family. 😉

Before we go any farther, I want to invite you in to my life, and share a glimpse into the past several years of my family’s vision boards, to give you a visual idea of exactly what I’m talking about.

What’s really cool is that I would say we’re at about 90% in terms of accomplishing what we set for each of these years.  That never happened before I started a process for daily visualization!

Vision boards can look any way you want them to, I have seen some with just words, just pictures, art, poetry or a combination of any and all of these.  The important thing is that you are focused on all that you want to Be, Do and Have in the coming year.

You can do this process on your own, with your family or you might want to consider throwing a vision board creation party with your friends!  I have yet to do that, but it sounds like a blast to me!

Just remember to have fun and dream big!

The process we use is to pick an image for the center that makes us happy and relaxed, just in case that’s all we have time to look at when we walk by!

Then we create categories, such as Health, Business, Relationships, and Spirituality ~ and we often find that ideas blend in between more than one category.

The idea is to create both focus and flow.

Once finished, we hang it up in a prominent spot in our house where we will all walk by it several times a day.  We choose the landing coming down our steps, because that way we see it on the way downstairs right after waking up in the morning, as well as every time we go to the bathroom, which is upstairs!

So why is this process so powerful?

Not only have you taken quality time to think about your intentions, dreams and goals for the year, but you’ve put them on paper and now will be imprinting all the ideas in to your mind on a consistent basis throughout the day.

As stated in The Passion Test, “When you are clear, what you want will show up in your life, and only to the extent that you are clear.”

Remember that along with this clarity, it takes unwavering commitment, focus, persistence, integrity, openness and heart to access true freedom and fulfillment.

I have found that combining each method from this 3 part goal process dramatically speed up the process of achieving my goals, and I hope that they do the same for you!

Keep in mind that this is a marathon, not a sprint!

I look forward to running alongside you and taking turns inspiring and being inspired!

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13 Responses to “Part 3: The Value of Vision Boards for Rapid Goal Achievement”

  1. Beth…That is really good information. Our minds our so incredibly powerful. Vision boards sound hoaky, but I have found them to be very beneficial.

    If you take the time to actually do one they can attract incredible results into your life.


  2. Hi Beth,

    this is so awesome,
    I so agree with vision boards,
    they are just so powerful
    thanks for sharing.
    .-= jean´s last blog ..“How to Back up your Word Press Blog Autamatically” =-.


  3. Thanks Beth,

    Your timing on this is perfect. My wife and I have been doing vision boards together now for almost 4 years. A couple of years ago we did a Team training and had everyone design the beginning of their dream board. We told them to continue to add to it when they got home.

    I got a great Christmas gift this year from my wife. This past year our dream board was on the front of the fridge. We will be moving shortly and we’ve begun to pack. I noticed that the fridge door was looking a little bare. My wife took down what was there, added a lot more of what we want for this year and out it into a book. It’s “Our Little Book Of Infinite Possibilities”. Together we spend 10-15 minutes looking through it, talking about it and visualizing the things in it before we go to bed. Helps to eliminate the stress and hassles of the day too.

    The funny thing is a couple of days after Christmas she watched “The Last Holiday” with Queen Latifa and in the movie she had her very own book of Infinite Possibilities. How cool is that! BTW, if you haven’t seen this movie get it and watch it with your family.


  4. I love it! It never occurred to me to do a new one each year! So it is time to scrunch up that old vision board I made in 1992, LOL!!! (now where did I put that…)

    New Year Resolution: Do new Vision Board every year!
    .-= Robin Lynn Brooks´s last blog ..Expressing Yourself =-.


  5. Hey Don~

    Thanks for sharing that story, it sounds like you and your wife have created a fabulous practice! And I love that you turned it in to a team training ~ I definitely talk about it as a great practice with my team, but the idea of all starting it together is sure to get inspiration flowing and the ball rolling for those who maybe wouldn’t do it on their own. I love it, thanks!


  6. Hi Robin~

    I also think there is great value in creating an ultimate vision board ~ that is of your absolute ideal life. But creating a specific one each year is really a similar concept to what I talked about in Part 2 about breaking down goals into more realistic and attainable sub-parts. This allows you to focus on all those things you dream as possible for THAT year, which are moving you closer to the ultimate vision. Glad I could inspire you, I’d love to hear about your experience in creating a new one! Happy New Year!


  7. Beth this is such a great post – I have done vision boards in the past, but not consistently. I love the idea of incorporating it into the family tradition every New Year. I think it is an awesome thing to teach your children – start when they are young and you will be amazed at what they accomplish!


  8. Vision boards conveys a lot of meaning and its always fun making it for someone. I’m really glad that I came across this blog. I just read a couple of posts and watched some videos and each so far has been amazing.


    bethallen Reply:

    Yes, vision boards are very meaningful ~ although I can’t imagine making a vision board for someone else?! Anyhow, glad you’re enjoying my blog, Dennis, you’ve been leaving some great comments and I really appreciate it! 🙂


  9. Vision boards conveys a lot of meaning and its always fun making it for someone. I’m really glad that I came across this blog. I just read a couple of posts and watched some videos and each so far has been amazing.
    taobao agent´s last blog post ..AliBaba win back the domain name



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