Don’t Fight Your Cravings… Listen To Them!

By Rachelle Patrick

January 18, 2021

Cravings happen even to the healthiest folks . I worked hard to urge a handle on my out-of-control sugar cravings a couple of years back, but they still sneak up on me every now and again. I just returned home from a 2 week vacation that was incredibly indulgent, and you’d think in any case that sugar and salt I’d be ready for an opportunity , but I returned home only to seek out that my body is once more CRAVING these things!

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And what happens when a cravings hits within the afternoon or the evening after dinner? we discover ourselves staring into the fridge or pantry checking out a snack which will satisfy. Unfortunately, more often than not, the snacks we elect are junky, non-nutritious, and high in calories, sugar, or fat, and leave us feeling bloated and exhausted, which is that the exact opposite of what a snack should do for us!

So What Are We Try To When These Cravings Have A Hold On Us?

The trick to chewing without piling on the pounds is to seek out healthy alternatives to the regular snacks you would possibly normally reach for.

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Usually, once we get a craving it’s for either something sweet (chocolate!), savory (potato chips!), creamy (ice cream!), or crunchy (crisps!). Obviously, moderation remains always the key, but you don’t need to fight your cravings for the remainder of your life! Try these healthy substitutions and you’ll presumably find that you’re craving gets met. If you discover yourself still obsessing about the bathtub of frozen dessert , there’s probably a mental/ emotional component that must be addressed also .

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Keep in mind that it’s important to avoid processed foods if you would like to stay your cravings in restraint . The chemically engineered flavor enhancers and sweeteners really mess together with your brain chemistry, and make it significantly harder to form rational decisions. Also, confirm you’re eating adequate amounts of protein, fiber and nutrient dense foods a day . Being deficient in any of those will send a sign to your body that something is missing, and it often gets mis-directed to the qiuck-fix solutions that cause the vicious cravings cycle within the first place.

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