Why Sleep – Your Adrenals Need A Break!

By Rachelle Patrick

November 26, 2020

The “fight or flight” syndrome – you have heard of it, right? most frequently amid the image of a sabertooth dashing after a hunter, preparing to attack. A situation you get yourself into often, right? 😉 OK, so maybe we’re not literally therein frantic position during this day and age, but the analogy isn’t faraway. Our bodies are usually reacting as if we were fighting for our lives! Our adrenal glands, located on top of every kidney, are forced to figure overtime in an attempt to affect stress from all sources: injury, disease, work, family, finances, environment, etc.

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It’s hard to imagine, but these small endocrine glands, essentially the dimensions of a walnut, are liable for the manufacture and secretion of important hormones like cortisol, estrogen and testosterone. These hormones regulate immune function, energy production and storage, pulse , muscular tonus , and that they play a crucial role in helping you combat stress. When something stresses you out, your adrenals kick into gear by pumping out these hormones, which allows you to relax. the method is all good….

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UNTIL stress becomes chronic. And let’s face it, thousands of years ago stress lasted a finite amount of your time – you either elude the predator or survived otherwise you were eaten. Nowadays, stress imply to be a state of being for therefore many of us.

Although not getting along side a boss or missing a bill payment aren’t life-threatening just like the sabertooth , our bodies react to the stressors during a similar fashion. The body starts to feel uneasy. More and more cortisol is produced due to the body believes it needs massive amounts of energy to run its life. This happens over and once again throughout the day:

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getting the youngsters ready for college and getting yourself apt for work, traffic, spilling coffee on your new suit, your assistant calls in sick and you’ve need to send 20 packages today, the babysitter is late learning the youngsters from school and taking them to soccer drill, your late afternoon convention runs over and you allow the office late so family dinner becomes you eating leftovers alone. Phew, I’m stressed just writing about it.

And get this….it’s all getting to happen again tomorrow!

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